Our parent company based in Kalisz, Poland is a cutting edge 530,000 sq. ft. facility leading the way in European manufacturing.

EBI, LLC Core Values

Our business ethics and company values are fundamental to our success. These values are the foundation of our company. They define who we are and set us apart from the competition. Our values underlie our vision of the future, our business decisions, actions and even our behavior. We live by them. They endure. There are FOUR core values at the heart of EBI.

HONESTY – We are truthful to the company and to employees, co-workers. We take responsibility for our actions. We take pride in our successes and we admit to our mistakes. We act non-fraudulent and display integrity.

TRUST – We establish environment that gives assurance to all employees. We believe in our employees’ abilities. We keep our promises. We are consistent with enforcing policies and rules. We create a safe working environment. Our actions, words, and direction are motivated from non-self-serving motives. We are a confidential outlet when situations demand.

RESPECT – We give high regards to our employees’ opinion. We show appreciation of one another, importance of everyone’s role, and give recognition. We value everyone’s right and capacity. We listen and take consideration for others. We show awareness of individual’s attributes and their value to the company. We treat all employees/co-workers the same no matter their level in the company. We act ethically in all situations.

LOYALTY – We expect our employees to: be devoted to the company; go above and beyond for the betterment of the company; believe in the company’s goals, defending the company’s values, rules; support of the objectives of the company.

SAFETY – We as a company, have the utmost commitment to safety from top level to bottom. We aim to set a foundation of strict compliance, to ensure the safety of all the employees and visitors in our facility. We aim to achieve zero accidents by changing all employees’ perception of their job responsibilities. A way of work to incorporate permanently, that no task is too important for anyone to risk their own safety. Safety and health are always of primary importance, and the company will perform the highest degree of caution and preparation for the welfare of all employees.

QUALITY – EBI LLC pursues to provide our customers with the highest degree of craftsmanship for the furniture we produce. We utilize cost effective procedures and deliver products on a timely manner. Our goals are always established to continually develop all processes involving our products and all aspects of our company’s quality assurance. In acceptance of the accountability for every product we manufacture, we as a company keep on pushing its greatest efforts to head towards a similar objective, to work as a team all responsible for product excellence, thus our humble motto was shaped, “EVERY PRODUCT COUNTS, EVERY CUSTOMER COUNTS, I AM RESPONSIBLE”.

SUSTAINABILITY – As part of our commitment to preserving the environment, we as a company, never neglect to push efforts towards sustainability. We aim to do the best we can to protect the natural sanctuaries and our ecosystems. We also want to continually develop an environmentally responsible workplace and to educate our employees about the green mind set. To choose the greener option and to consider the environment as a treasure and a natural resource we have to protect.